Kiwi Aeonium Haworthii (Tricolor-Pinwheel) Growing Care Tips

Kiwi Aeonium Haworthii (Tricolor-Pinwheel) Growing Care Tips

Kiwi aeonium haworthii, a well know succulent also known as a tricolor pinwheel succulent among it,s lover. This beautiful kiwi aeonium plant is a blessing to keep at home. This amazing colorful succulent is a spring/fall type. In this article you can learn about the following points about aoenium haworthii.

  • Aeonium Haworthii Characteristics
  • Growing Tips
  • Preparing Soil
  • How To Propagate
  • Watering Kiwi Aeonium
  • Sunlight And Placement routine
  • Transplanting Your Succulent

Characteristics Of Aeonium Haworthii

This variety comes from the Canary Islands off the northwestern coast of the African continent. These arid islands have a warm climate with temperatures around 59F/15C to 77F/25C. The leaves of Tricolor Aeonium are not very thick, and the slender stems can grow to a height of 20 inches (50 cm) or more. 

These plants produce several stems that grow up from their bases. If you expose your succulent to a lot of sunlight, its leaves will change into beautiful colors during the winter. When buying kiwi aoenium take care of these points, The stems grow easily, so short, energetic seedlings with their leaves unfolded are best. Avoid seedlings where the stems are stretched too tall. When a cold wave hits, the leaves are dyed a slight crimson.

Growing Tips For Kiwi Aeonium 

Expose your plant to lots of sunlight outdoors during spring and fall. This variety does poorly against heat and high humidity and will become weaker as summer approaches, so move your succulent to partial shade and water it less frequently until summer ends. 

On the other hand, this species is strong against the cold and will keep growing during winter, but bring it inside at night to prevent it from freezing or developing frost. Be careful not to over water during summer or winter. Among the plants in the Aeonium genus, Aeonium haworthii “Tricolor” and A. arboreum “Zwartkop” are especially robust.

Sometimes the plant will lose its leaves in summer season. When summer arrives, the plant is going to grow weaker no matter what, so this is no particular cause for concern. Move the plant to a well-ventilated area in partial shade and water it less frequently. Water during the morning or evening instead of midday in the heat. When fall comes and the temperature cools down, your succulent will revive and return to its usual active state.

This succulent is monocarpic type which mean it will die after the blooming is over. But you can have it again and again as it will produce many offsets before dying. These offset are easily used to produce new plants in no time. See the Propagation section. Also see this article about succulent propagation from cuttings.

Soil Preparation For Tricolor Pinwheel

As I have mentioned in all  other articles on this blog that the soil composition is mostly common in all succulents. many garden owner prepare the soil with different composition with their years of experiment and knowledge. Whatever the composition of the soil is, make sure of these things;

Always prepare a soft soil which will allow the passage of water easy and fast. As the hard soil will resist the water flow and there will be lot more chances of root rot. Plus the soft soil will also make possible to provide fresh air passage through it. Secondly ensure the drainage of water from the pot, this will add new oxygen for the roots. Below I will add the two types of soil compositions that you can use to plant aeonium haworthii kiwi. These are the methods that I use personally growing my succulent plants. If you have a better one than that you are welcomed to use it. 

Composition No.1:

This composition you may find a bit uneasy to find. Here you will have to mix few items small akadama grains, kanuma soil soils and mulch. Take 5 parts of small akadama grains and mix it with 3 parts of kanuma soils. Now add this mixture with 2 parts of mulch. and mix very well before using. 

Take a pot and place large grain akadama at the bottom and plant your succulent using this soil composition. Once all done add an appropriate amount of granular fertilizer on the top of it.

Composition No.2:

This method of preparing soil is simple and all items are easy to find around you.  You will need sand, garden soil and pumice or perlite. Take 4 parts of garden soil and mix it with 2 parts of sand and 1.5 parts of perlite or pumice granules. I will advise you to add mulch as well about 1 part as it will work as fertilizer and will make the soil soft and porous too. Mix all these component very well before adding into the pot.  

How To Propagate Kiwi Aeonium Haworthii

Just like the soil composition and preparation, the methods of propagation among the succulent plants is also common. Almost all of them can be propagated either by one method or another or can be cultivated with multiple common methods. There are few methods that can be used for cultivating succulent plants e.g. leaf cuttings, stem cuttings, seeds, division etc.  

Leaf Cutting:

Very simple and easy to grow kiwi aeonium by this method. just take a fresh and fleshy leaf from the plant and place it on the surface of dampened soil. After 8 to 10 days the leaf take roots and sprout. When the seedling has grown 4 or 5 leaves and enough roots you can pull out the succulent from and plant in a pot. Make sure while pulling out the plant not to damage the roots or new weak stem. Do it very gently and with dampened soil. 

Stem Cutting:

You can also grow you tricolor pinwheel by stem cutting and it is as simple and easy as the leaf cutting. Select a fresh stem from one of the many on this succulent which it grows normally. Remove a stem along with its leave with a sharp knife or blade and keep it for about a week to and allow callus formation. The stem cutting can be then planted or inserted into the soil. 

For the first 15 days keep the plant in shady place and keep the soil dampened all the time until it takes the roots. Once the roots appear you can switch to the usual routine. 


The plant can easily be propagated by division method. A fully grown plant with several branches is a best option for this method. Carefully remove a grown up stem along with the roots and keep it for 3 days to get a bit dry then plant it in new pot with dampened soil. Keep the pot in shade and start watering after a week.

Growing Kiwi Aeonium From Seeds:

This tricolor pinwheel haworthii plant can be germinated from seeds if provided good care.Sow the seeds in a pot with a warmer temperature. Can be grown indoor with bright light provision. The seeds will take 2 to 3 weeks to germinate. 

For all type of succulents the propagation need to be done in the specified time and window. You will have 2 windows for propagating your kiwi aeonium succulent. First in the beginning of spring and early summer that is in between March and Later half of June. Secondly the plant will be active in the fall season and can be propagated in between later half of September and later half of October. 

Watering Kiwi Aeonium Haworthii

Just like other succulents and cactus this beautiful tricolor pinwheel plant is also very hardy to watering. How ever it has different routine of watering through out the year. As this a spring/fall type plant so they will grow fast in these two periods hence more water will be required. To keep your succulent in best shape, fresh and healthy, follow the watering routine below. 

  • The plant is nearly dormant in the winter so it will require very less amount of water during the months of December till end of February. Once  every 15 days or when the soil gets dry will be enough for it in winter.
  • At the beginning of spring which is the high growth period for kiwi aeonium, this plant will need very frequent watering from March until end of June. Water once every 3 or 4 days or when the soil gets dry. 
  • Like most of succulent this variety is weaker against hot weather and humidity and hence From July till end of September when humidity and heat rises the succulent requires very little amount of water. Twice per month will do better in this period.
  • After September when the fall calls upon the kiwi aka aeonium haworthii start growing fast and hence depends on frequent watering. Water after every 3 or 4 days or when the soil gets dry. 
The best time for watering the plants are either early morning or in the evening. Watering in the mid day in heat will negatively effect your plant and will wither. If your plant wither bring it in shady and in ventilated place and stop watering. 

Sunlight And Placement

Sunlight has a significant role in this variety appearance. It will change the leaves appearance to 3 different color when placed in sunlight. Kiwi aka aeonium haworthii be placed in sunshine in the spring and fall season. In these periods the tricolor pinwheel plant will grow robustly. The plant has a dependable sunlight and placement routine throughout the year. Follow the below routine to get most out of your succulent.

  • The plant grows slowly in winter and is normally hard to winter condition. However in extreme cold the plant must be kept indoor to avoid freeze. It's better to place it indoor near the window in front of sunlight in the month of December till March.
  • From March bring your plant outdoor into full sunlight where it can blossom and also switch to tricolor pinwheel.It will change to yellowish green with thick pink  color on border when exposed to prolong sunlight. Keep your succulent outdoor till end of June. 
  • This variety is not so good against high temperature and humidity so at the arrival of July take your plant to shady place but in a well ventilated area. Keep it in partial shade till the later half of September. 
  • In fall season the plant will grow actively and hence can be shifted back to sunlight exposure in outdoor adventure. Keep the plant outdoor from October until the arrival of winter where the night freeze can affect the plant. The plant can now be shifted back to indoor.
While keeping your plant outdoor make sure shelter it from rains and keep them under veranda or eaves.

Transplanting Kiwi Aeonium Haworthii

Transplantation method for all succulent is same and follow the same rules. When transplanting your plant you will take care of few steps. first you will have to prepare a pot with soil ready for it. Then you need to pull the plant gently from the previous pot or land by holding at the lower part of stem. Make sure while doing so the soil is dampened. 

After have removed the plant from pot, massage out all the old soil from it roots. Also cut out the dark black roots which is a clear sign of root rot. Once all set spread the roots and place it in the new pot and pour the dampened soil in it. Fill the pot near the top end and tap it gently on ground one or two times. Now place the pot in partial shade to take new roots and then water as usual. 

All succulents requires transplantation once per year. This is because the soil will lost its nutritions with time and eventually become less fertile to host a plant. Therefore it is advised to transplant your succulent to new pot with fresh soil. 

You will get 2 best time for transplanting kiwi aka aeonium haworthii. For best result it is advised to transplant in the specific time window. You can transplant in spring when this tricolor pinwheel plant will grow robustly in between march and May. Another window for transplanting this beautiful succulent is between mid of September and December.

If for some reason it is not possible for you to transplant your succulent in an year, you can continue with the old pot and soil. However you will need to add some fertilizer granules on the top of soil surface. You should add fertilizer in between the later half of March and the first half of April or You can do the same in between the later half of September and first half of October. 

It is always a best practice to add fertilizer to the plant soil when it is in its full growing season. Adding fertilizer to plant while it is in dormancy can badly effect the plant. 

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