How To Plant Succulents From Cuttings | Leaf & Stem Cuttings

How To Plant Succulents From Cuttings | Leaf & Stem Cuttings 

Succulents plants are not only beautiful and catchy but they are also very easy to plant in almost every climate and season. In this article you will find about how to plant succulents from cuttings. Planting succulent from cuttings is the most easiest method to propagate your succulents if you don't know that. 

In this site you will find the propagation methods for all succulents in their respective articles. However here in this article I am going to describe briefly the method of planting succulents from cuttings. 

There are two very famous methods of propagation among succulents plants. One is called propagation from leaf cuttings and the other one is propagating fro stem cuttings. below you will find full details on these methods.

How to plant succulents via leaf cutting

In this simple way of propagation the succulents plants are reproduced by a leaf cutting. In the propagation period select and cut a leaf from the mature stem. Now keep the leaf to get dry for 3 to 5 days. The cut end of the leaf must get dry heal first before you plant it. Now place the cut leaf on the dampened soil and wait for it till the roots start growing. This will normally takes from a week to 10 days. Don't let the soil completely get dry or over water it. 

Once the cutting has the roots it will soon sprout and produce new leaves and stem. After the cutting has grown enough roots and 4 or 5 leaves, pull it out gently from the soil. Make sure the roots don't get damaged at all. Now you can plant this tiny little baby succulent in the new pot with well composed soil and hole for drainage at the bottom of the pot. It is advisable to use dampened soil instead of dry because you will not water the plant for few days.

When the plant is transplanted to its first pot, take it to a shady and well ventilated place. Keep the surface of soil dampened but not too much moistened. When the succulents has enough roots and start growing normally you can water it as per the watering routine. 

Remember the succulents normally don't require lots of water. While propagating these plants take care about over watering as this can destroy your beautiful succulent. 

How To Plant Succulent From Stem Cuttings:

This another method of propagating succulents from its cuttings and its called stem cutting method. This method is simple one too and down below I will show you how easy is to plant succulent from stem cuttings. 

First of all you will require a fully grown plant which has grown up stem with lots of leaves. Take a sharp knife or blade and cut the upper part of the stem along with leaves or any other mature branch that has good enough leaves. Keep the cutting for few days so that the cut part of the stem can get dry. It will not take more than a week. After one week insert the cutting into the soil inside a pot. Use dampened soil instead and after planting keep the plant in shady and ventilated place. Once the plant has start rooting you can water the plant normally. 

Ideally you can water the new plant after 10 to 15 days and when everything gets normal, start watering as per your routine. 

It is advisable to plant succulents for leaf cuttings or stem in the proper propagation period. You can also use some fast growth supplements to speed up the growing process, however most of the people don't use any such thing. 

Care And Tips When Planting from Cuttings

The ideal time for propagating any succulent is in its proposed period of cultivation. For every succulent there are two propagation period in every one year. Which mean you will have two best periods to reproduce these beautiful plants on earth. 

For every succulent plant these periods are different depending upon their genra and family. In this site you will find these period for the succulents in their respective article. 

Always use a soft soil composition for these plants as hard soil can deter the speedy flow of water and the roots can get rotted.

When planting succulents from cuttings also take care to select a healthy and juicy leaf or stems to ensure greater results. These plants are normally hard to tough conditions and grow easily still it is better to follow this tip. 

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