25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

Before we jump into the types of succulents we will like to write little about the succulents for those who don't know them yet. Types of succulents will be discussed in the later part of the article and we will include the some of the famous and well known succulents. The rest of the types you can brows in our Home page.

What Are Succulents:

This Blog covers plant species that exhibit a common characteristic of succulents (i.e. the ability to store water in, or reduce the loss of water from, one or more organs of the plant such as stems, leaves, roots) or that are grown because they are drought-tolerant.These characteristics allow a plant to survive certain habitats and climates, in particular arid regions of the world.

The simple definition of Succulents also called Succophytes is "The plants that have at least one succulent tissue. Succulent tissue is a living tissue which is capable of storing extra water temporarily so that once soil water is dried up and roots are unable to provide any water, this stored water can be used to keep the plant alive". 

When dealing with a plant it is important to refer to its accepted scientific or Latin name (e.g. Aloe Vera) so that there is certainty over the identity of the specimen in question. Using common or trade names is unadvisable as they can apply to more than one group of plants or to species.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Types of Succulents

Succulents have grown in popularity year by year, and that’s not surprising. They’re easy to care for, tenacious and interesting to look at. Full of wonders unlike any other plant, succulents can really pique our curiosity. 

Succulents evolved in dry regions with little rainfall, branching off into many diverse varieties. Their harsh native environments forced them to store water inside themselves. You might say that their charming, plump leaves, stems, and roots are the product of their accumulated survival skills. 

Because they seem so adaptable and self-sufficient, some people tend to think that succulents don’t need water or attention. But easy as they are to grow and care for, they’re still living organisms, with needs that must be met in order for these captivating plants to thrive.

Types Of Succulents Plants: 

There are hundreds and thousands of types of succulents in the world. Everyday many of them are discovered regularly and some of them are created from cross pollination. Below are some types of the succulents which are widely liked all over the world and very famous for decorating purposes. You can find these succulents in the nearby stores in almost every country. When buying them always use their botanic names instead of English names. Also read about Top 50 Succulents Blogs.

1. Aloe Brevifolia:

Aloe Brevifolia is a beautiful aloe succulent which is very famous and liked because of it's beautiful and amazing leaves shape and colour. It's leaves form up to create a beautiful rossete like shapes. Origin of this succulent is South Africa. It requires well drained sandy soil for growing. 

It requires full sun light and partial shade through different part of year. It needs water when the soil dries up. The pale blue colour of the plant transform to rose-salmon when exposed to sun light. The unique characteristic of this succulent is the white teeth like which appears on the outer edge of the leaves.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Aloe Brevifolia

2. String Of Pearls - Senecio Rowleyanus:

Senecio Rowleyanus also called String of pearls is a beautiful succulent plant which is widely used in house decorations. The special features of the plant is that it grows beads like green leave all across the elongated green stem which give an exact look like a string of pearls. This plant can survive drought conditions as the chubby leaves stores enough water to stay alive. This succulent grows well in winter and stay inactive during summer. 

Senecio Rowleyanus can grow up to 3 feet and survive the winter temperature as low as -4 degree Celsius. Must be placed in full sun and planted in well drained pot where water should not accumulate. It should be watered when the soil gets dry. Do not over water. When the favorable conditions are met, the plant produce White and Yellow flowers.  

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Senecio Rowleyanus String of pearls

3. Tom Thumb - Crassula Hybrid:

This beautiful small succulent is a hybrid one and it is given the name "Tom Thumb" due to it's look alike shape. This type of succulent is a hybrid of it's family members. The plant has fat leaves patterned all across the erected stem and make a beautiful texture. The plant is an easy to grow succulent. It requires bright light and can grow up-to 6 inches. 

When conditions are favorable the plant can produce white flowers. It must be planted in well drain-able pot and must be watered when soil become dry. This plant is very hardy to harsh winter as it can grow in even -4 degree Celsius. It is a dwarf plant that makes it special for succulent lover to grow indoor. 

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Crassula - Tom Thumb

4. Crassula Muscosa-Watch Chain:

Crassula Muscosa is a type of succulent that can grow up to 12 inches tall and is very hard to harsh winter conditions. It can even grow in -6 degree Celsius. It requires very little amount of water and should be watered when the soil get dry, so it is easy to grow as it requires less care. It requires a well drained pot where water should not accumulate. It require different light through out the year from full sun light to partial shade. 

A beautiful textured stem fully stacked with leaves in overlapping upon each other on the stem upright is formed while growing. this special texture gives it the name "Watch Chain" as it looks very similar to chain of the watch. This succulent is an indoor plant and grow easily in harsh climate. The origin of the plant is South Africa.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Crassula Muscosa - Watch Chain

5. Monocotyledon Tomentosa:

Monocotyledon Tomentosa is a beautiful indoor succulent which attracts the succulent lovers at very first sight. It has faty oval leaves with small fingers like at the top of it and is cover all around with tiny soft hairs. this feature gives it a name "Bear's Paw" as it very much resemble the paw of Bear when exposed to bright light. It can grow up to 20 inches tall. 

These types of succulents should be placed in brighter indirect light. Monocotyledon Tomentosa is very hard to winter condition and can easily grow. The pot must be well drain-able so that no water can accumulate. Watering must be allowed when the soil dries out completely. This succulent bears showy Orange colour flower. Origin of the plant is South Africa. 

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Monocotyledon Tomentosa

6. Crassula Ovata-Jade Plant:

Crassula Ovata is a succulent which is also called jade Plant. This type of succulent is normally grown indoor and it can survive even very hard conditions. It requires full sun light. This succulent requires very little amount of water to survive. Can grow in hard winter condition. 

It must be planted in a well drained pot as it requires little water, any water accumulation can harm the plant. Jade Plant is also considered as Money Tree, Luck Tree. It requires very little attention so it is very easy to grow in houses. It bears White and Pink colour flowers. The origin of this succulent is South Africa.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Crassula Ovata - Jade Plant

7. Sedum Morganianum-Burro's Tail:

Sedum Morganianum also known as Burro's Tail. The name is given due to it's beautiful unique green leaves which forms tail like look and makes it very attractive. It belongs to Crassulaceae family and is placed in Cactus type. Requires full day light as well partial shade. It's a winter type plant and requires medium quantity of water. Sedum is an indoor cactus and bears red and and pink colour flowers.  

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Sedum Morganianum - Burro's Tail

8. Parodia- Ball Cactus:

Parodia genus is a succulent which grows in the shape of ball the reason they are also called ball cactus. Parodia don't like direct sun light in hot weathers and must be placed in partial shade. They prefer to grow in watery climate unlike many of other cactus. The water should be easily drain-able through out the pot. The pot soil should be moist through out all the seasons. Parodia cactus when fully grown up, bears different colours of flowers depending on their types. The flowers colours can be Yellow, Pink, Orange or Red.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Parodia - Ball Cactus

9. Zwartkop-Aeonium Arboreum-Black Rose:

Zwartkop(Aeonium Arboreum) is a unique succulent due to it's dark chocolate colour and this is why it is also called Black Rose. The leaf formation is rose like and looks extremely amazing when in full blossom. The beauty of Zwartkop succulent is doubled when in winter time this plant sprout yellow colour flowers. Black Rose is considered an out door succulent which means it grows well in sun shine. 

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Zwartkop(Aeonium Arboreum) - Black Rose

10. Agavaceae: 

The family of the Agavaceae includes about 18 genera. Plants are stemless, short stemmed or trees. Leaves are fleshy or fibrous and are usually arranged in rosettes. Roots are fibrous and stoloniferous. Inflorescence may attain huge sizes and have several flowers. 

Most genera within the Agavaceae are easy to cultivate, and several species are hardy. During the growing season they appreciate plenty of water and their growth may be rather fast. For the bigger species it may be a problem to find suitable containers for indoor cultivation, while in the milder climates they can be grown in the field. 

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

11. Amaryllidaceae - Amaryllis:

Bulbous plants with leaves arranged in rosettes or distichous. Inflorescence bear one to several flowers. Few species can be regarded as succulents and the growers usually appreciate the beautiful flowers. Cultivation is relatively easy; water should be provided during the growing season and the bulbs should be left to dry in the dormant season.  Found in warm temperate and tropical areas around the world.
25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Amaryllidaceae - Amaryllis

12. Echeveria: 

The plant grows in a rosette with beautiful and varied leaf shapes. Leaves are fleshy with a wary layer. Leaf colours come in a wide range. Prefers well drained soil and high light intensity. Plants grown under high light and low water conditions will show the strongest colours expression. After a rain shower, droplets of water may remain in the heart of the plant, like a pearl. Some of the best Echeveria succulents are Pearl Of Neurenberg, Lola, Pupureum, Texensis, Rosea and Setosa etc.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

13. Sedeveria:

Sedeveria is created in the result of cross match between Sedum and Echeveria. It branches at the base of the plant and grows a cluster of rosettes. Leaves are green in summer or when grown in shade, but turn reddish when temperature drops or when exposed to full sun and drought conditions.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

14. Pachyphytum:

Pachyphytum is a Part of the Crassulaceae family and native to Mexico.
The leaves are plump and fleshy. Like Echeveria, the varieties grow in a rosette. Thrives well in full or partial sun.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

15. Gasteria:

Gasteria is succulent which has triangular upright leaves and characteristic leaf patterns. Gasteria is also called as "ox-tongue". The name ox-tongue is given to it due to the rough texture on the leaves. When compared to other succulents it has greater power to tolerates lower light conditions. Being a very hardy plants they are ideal for consumers. Among all of the family members, Gasteria Flow is an absolute winner in this range.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

16. Haworthia:

Haworthia succulent has dark green sturdy leaves. In some cases it is also found in smooth skin, but most varieties are covered with decorative white markings. Haworthia succulents are extremely hardy plants that thrive with limited watering over extended periods. This make them ideal as low-care house plants. Most popular varieties include Barcelona and Concolor. 

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

17. Kalanchoe:

Kalanchoe are also known as the flowering house plant, but available as evergreen plant as well. Kalanchoe succulents have thick leaves that can store extra water. That extra water can be used in time when no external water source available to the succulent. With thick, water retaining leaves, it doesn’t need much water. 

Small hairy leaves in colours varying from grey to light green. The leaves get a darker colour expression when put under (drought) stress.

Some of the famous and most liked Kalanchoe succulents among customers in this family are, Kalanchoe Tomentosa also called Panda Plant, Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora, Kalanchoe Tomentosa Nigrum, Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

18. Peperomia:

Peperomia are compact plant with a nice and bushy structure. They are normally found in striking colours like the lime-green of Ferreyrae and wine-red of Graveolens. Peperomia succulents have interesting leaf shapes, including small and spiky or thick and fleshy. These succulents are native to South American rain forests which means they prefer more moisture.
Top picks in this family are, Peperomia Ferreyrae and Peperomia Graveolens.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

19. Portulacaria:

Portulacaria succulents are also known as the Elephant Bush. They have small fleshy leaves which are green to greyish and cream coloured. They branch out Loosely. These types of succulents can grow into a small bush with woody stems under the right conditions. Some of the family members are, Portulacaria Afra Mediopicta and Portulacaria Afra Veriegata.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

20. Sedum:

Sedum succulents are trailing, ground-covering species. Some of the members grow shorter and  compact and some of the members can grow long strings. This succulent normally grow slowly so it takes some time to get into full shape. The leaves are thick and fleshy and grow in a rosette-like way. 

Sedum succulents have variety of colours ranging from grey to fresh green, some with coloured leaf tips.

Some of the famous and most liked sedum succulents are, Sedum Magnum, Sedum Adolphii and Sedum nussbaumerianum.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

21. Sempervivum:

If you are a succulent lover and want to own some beautiful and mind blowing succulents, you must get this Sempervivum succulent. This is an evergreen and ever living plant as well know from it's name "Semper" means "Always" and "Vivum" means 'Living".The name refers to the fact this strong plant is winter hardy and it is best to plant in the rock gardens or on green roofs. 

Some of the beautiful and most liked Sempervivum succulents are, Sempervivum Arachnoideum, Sempervivum Calcareum, Sempervivum Caucasicum, Sempervivum Red Beauty and Ebro.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

22. Euphorbia Milii:

Euphorbia milii succulents are flowering succulents and their unique quality is that they can flower for quite long times. They are also known as the Crown Of Thrones, their gorgeous and beautiful appearance give them the name. They are very resilient in production and retail settings. The Maxi varieties of these succulents finish within 9 to 11 weeks after planting, they have rooted cuttings. The mini varieties finish within 7 to 11 weeks after sticking they have unrooted cuttings. 

Some of the gorgeous types they are very famous are, Maxi Atlas, Maxi Helena, Maxi Apollon, Maxi Pink Cadillac, Maxi Kronos, Maxi Vulkanus and Maxi Zeus. Mini types have some very attractive members and some of them are, Mini Hector, Mini Hera, Mini Selene, Mini Athene and Mini Rhea. 

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Euphorbia milii

23. Tillandsia:

This is also very dashing succulent you can buy and decorate with it. Tillandsia succulents are also know as the air plant, referring to their natural propensity to grow wherever conditions permit. These succulents have specialized cells which makes these plants very much able to rapidly absorb water. 

These Tillandsia succulents are very decorative and trendy. They comes in different sizes which vary from small to extra large. The most unique specialty is that Each variety of these succulents is available in multiple sizes. All varieties are ready to re-sell right away.

Some of the most famous and top ranking succulents in this family are, Tillandsia Xerografica, Tillandsia Argentea, Tillandsia brachycaulos multiflora, Tillandsia ionantha ionantha etc.

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

24. Senecio:

Senecio is a genus that is placed in daisy family. It is available in various forms and colours. Amke has light green leaves with a vein-like pattern, while Stapeliiformis has long spiky stems. Senecio genus is a one of the largest flowering plant genera in the world. 

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About

25. Tradescantia Nanouk:

Tradescantia Nanouk is an amazing succulent due to its multi colour patterned leaves. Tradescantia Nanouk is a product of cross pollination of two seeds of  Tradescantia albiflora. It has outstanding leaf pattern which make it very attractive and decorative. The leaves has light purple, green and greyed green colour while the bottom of the leaves are dark colour which makes it extremely outstanding and appealing.  

25 Trendy Types Of Succulents You Should Know About
Tradescantia Nanouk

Uses Of Succulents:

Most types of succulents are famous for their decorative purpose. As they are beautiful plants with unique and attractive leaves and shapes, people around the world love to decorate their houses, rooms and offices with succulent plants.

Deciding how to decorate with succulents is part of the fun of growing them! Try
setting or hanging succulents in your own homemade containers. Even with smaller
plants, this is a great way to add personality to your living space.

Add succulents to small, empty places to create a stylish space. During seasons
when succulents can thrive in the shade, they make the perfect accent for any room.

Everyday pleasure in a succulent plant lies in its leaves, but of course we’re
especially happy when the flowers bloom. The flowers that bloom only once a year
are a vibrant and beautiful surprise.

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